Why is hotel photography important?

Images sway a conversion rate by up to 50% in hotels. The quickest and easiest win in marketing is to have clean and consistent photographic assets across all channels

Why is photography important?

We buy with our eyes. Wether it is through a TV commercial, a glossy magazine or even through virtual reality experiences your images has to work incredibly hard for you! We have shown images to sway a conversion rate by up to 50% in hotels yet it remains an area where business desperately under perform.

My Photography Offering

By combining our industry knowledge and creative prowess we are able to provide industry-leading photography services for your hotel. Our full service photography solution will include all equipment, post production edits, strategic shot planning and expert advice on how best to showcase your property. As the web is a seam that runs through everything we do, all photography services include full website optimisation to ensure that your pages are loading quickly on all devices.

What makes a good hotel photo?

We have shown that hotel websites need to communicate three key things; comfort, value and location. These are most effectively communicated through photography. I approach shoots with two key objects; to provide a range of photos that contain different subject matter but hold a consistent design approach and tone. Secondly, I will work to ensure that each shot is inch perfect with regard to to composition, styling and lighting.

Make your Investment in photos work for you?

Once you’ve received you photos from me make them do the hard work. Upload them to your website, make sure they are big and responsive. login to your OTA’s and update you listings with the new images, do this for all you classifieds as well. Come up with a strategy for using them on social media, drip feed them out with relevant tags and captions. Login to your google business listing and upload them to there. Having your photos consistent across all channels not only shows a viewer you are proud of you property but puts your best foot forward, as online people buy with their eyes.