Smartphone Photography For Hoteliers

Smartphone cameras are actually pretty good these days. With a few tips and tricks I’m going to share you can improve the impromptu or missing shots quite effectively.

I want to show you that you can get from this….

To this…

1. I’ll start with the most important of all – Clean your lens! Were touching our phones all the time and finger grease gets on the lens and blurs the photos, simply clean with your shirt.

2. Get in the corner of the room facing the window, always try to get a window in a room shot

3. Turn off all the lights. This may sound counter intuitive be having one light source at the same colour temperature improves photos no end.

4. Now this may sound strange… Get down on to one knee. Most of us just hold our phones 6inches from our face so we can see the screen as seen in the first image. For interiors, get low, always shoot from the hip.

5. Once on your knee tilt and twist the phone paying close attention to the verticals at the edge of the frame get them as vertical as you can.

6. Another counter intuitive tip is to expose for the window or windows edge, the screen will look quite dark but trust me, there is a-lot more information in the shadows than the highlights.

7. Most smart modern smart phones have an option to shoot in HDR mode, if you have it switch it on as this increases the dynamic range and allows for better pushing of the shadows

8. Finally use your smart phone editor. On an iPhone it is just called “edit” then there is an old school radio dial, hit that and your first option will be light, pull this slider to the left to bring up the shadows.

Thats it, you’re done. go and experiment. it is really effective sometimes.