Shwari | Watamu | Kenya

Stunning Beach front villa

An outstanding family run beach-front villa, close to where Charles Dance and Greta Scacchi eloped in the film White Mischief. Stunning ocean and infinity pool views as you enter the front of the villa. The rooms, styled beautifully in a mixture of the colonial and the contemporary, appealed especially to my botanical past offering an abundance of house plants in every room.

From a hotel photographer and plant enthusiast’s view, the shower room on the top floor was my favourite. Waved concrete walls were inlaid with natural wood, and open spaces were filled with hanging Boston Ferns which diffused the light and gave charming reflections in the mirrors.

During the shoot it was a little hazy, and though this was a disadvantage for photographing the pool and ocean views, inside I benefitted with lovely soft light to show off the interiors.