Lulworth Castle | Lulworth | Dorset

A bold 17th century mock castle built by the Weld family on the Lulworth Estate. After a fire in 1929 the interior was destroyed. The outside remained unaffected but after the fire the castle was neglected for some time. In the ’70s a new roof was built, but they didn’t replace any damaged interior walls or upper floors resulting in two magnificent venue spaces where the remnants of fireplaces, stairs and doors are left exposed.

The Castle is now primarily a venue for weddings and festival events. The estate has a beautiful domed Georgian Catholic chapel, interestingly one of the first to be built in England post reformation. It also has a parish church, both of which are still in use.

We had the opportunity to shoot the interior just as a wedding was being set up by an outside caterer. Lighting and decor are designed to capture the rustic charm of the venue.