Good Hotel Guide day rates and terms


The rate varies from £400 to £900/day depending on property type, where a combination of the guest room rate and number of rooms is considered:

  • Luxury Large (20 rooms) £900
  • Luxury Boutique Mid (10 rooms) £750
  • Boutique Small (5 rooms) £600
  • Standard B&B’s (3 rooms) £400

Floor plans if required are £50/room.

Bulk Discount:

Book 5 days @ £600/day x 5 = £3000. Payment terms; 3 x 33% payments on Confirmation/Middle-ish/Day of Delivery.

(valid for 18 months)


  • Payment terms (day rate) are 50% on confirmation of booking and Balance on delivery,
  • Accommodation and full board are assumed during the shoot, where the property is a B&B a Per-Dieum of £20/day will be added.
  • Cancelations, half of the deposit is refundable with 14 days notice, under 14 days notice the deposit is non refundable. (Rescheduling is usually fine)
  • Petrol @ £0.45/mile from Richmond Surrey.
  • Images supplied processed on a delivery page that is maintained for 6 months, after this I charge £100 for redelivery of a shoot.
  • Once balance is paid you have unrestricted use of the images in perpetuity. For press I request a citation where possible.
  • Images delivered will be 5760 by 3240pixels, with an aspect ratio of 16×9 at 100% quality (0%compression), Jpeg, +/- 11mb each.
  • TIFF, PNG, Lightroom Catalogue also available on request.
  • Additional image metadata, GPS, Physical address, Email, Phone, Keywords etc can be added at no extra charge.