Why you should give a D.A.M.

Now this is a tricky one. Im going to have to put some thought into this. D.A.M. Stands for Digital Asset Management. Hoteliers need to think of their hotel photos as assets, and thus manage them accordingly, shared folders of images on a server is not the way to do it. Images get lost, people move folders and ultimately i regularly get asked to re deliver images I’ve shot a few years ago…

I have a huge archive of images now and to dig them out of the archive plug in hard drives find the photos and dropBox or WeTransfer them to the client takes my time. just so you know i charge £100 to redeliver if its been more than 6 months since the shoot! So Take my advice and get one of the D.A.M. software that are available. I’d recommend Adobe Lightroom As i can deliver your photos as a Lightroom catalogue.

But D.A.M is so much more its an organisational tool, its a develop and export tool it can even publish to social media channels. How ever most importantly is Metadata.

Meta-data is additional data that is attached to the image, we very rarely get to see this data… But google does!

Here you can see some of the fields,

You can fill in lots of details about your company, location, GPS, Address, Phone Number, website, Email….

Don’t know your GPS Location?

Here Google can help. In the screen shot below you can see a location. If you look in the URL bar of any map page, you can see some numbers preceded by an @ symbol, in this case: -7.4574599,30.5618627,17 This is a metric latitude/longitude, effectively your GPS coordinates, and again, Google really likes to know where a picture was taken.

Im Still writing this article, come back soon for the finished page.

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